You’re here, we hope, because you’ve got a brilliant idea, or a promising product, or insight into a new way of making the world less painful. Only, getting the excitement of that across to those who’d care isn’t your speciality.

There’s good news, though.

Helping you to honestly and effectively stand out from your competition is what we do. We call it brand strategy, but that jargon just means we help you build a reputation based on the compelling core of what makes you you.

As your reputation—or brand—comes to life, more and more people will understand and empathize with you. That growing level of emotion, is, quite literally, why anyone cares.

The Way It Works

  • We get to know you and make sure we correctly understand the opportunities ahead.
  • In collaboration with your team, we develop your brand strategy—an eyes-only foundation for your desired reputation.
  • From there, we create materials that appropriately communicate your brand. Most often, that begins with messaging that can be used across mediums, and then can include:
    • Websites and digital strategy
    • Brochures and other printed materials
    • Fundraising appeals
    • Packaging
    • Videos
    • Other goodies, of endless varieties

Clean Energy Counsel’s investment in brand strategy and messaging has paid off in so many ways. Zack was invaluable in helping us clarify what we’re here to accomplish and then framing those big ideas in a way that resonates profoundly with our most important audiences. This has increased our engagement by new clients and has served as a beacon to attract new attorneys who share our commitment to advancing clean energy. Zack’s thoughtful collaboration and guidance helped us uncover the unique aspects of our firm that set us apart in a competitive market, and he is a master at distilling complex ideas into a clear, compelling, and authentic narrative. As a result, our brand strategy serves as a powerful tool for growth, differentiation, and engagement.  We wholeheartedly recommend working with Zack.

Steve Holman, Partner, Clean Energy Counsel LLP


We have, over the past quarter-century, worked for the following clients, often in collaboration with agencies including Mission Minded, BLT, and Great Mondays.

Some Friendly Clarification

If you want an artful jumble of keywords designed to boost your search engine ranking, you don’t need or want us. That’s not branding as we see it.

While we understand the appeal of SEO, what’s important isn’t how many people you draw in, but what you deliver once you’ve snagged their attention. A single truly interested individual is worth 10,000 cursory clicks. And no one in the history of the web has ever read content optimized for machines and felt moved.

We can attend to SEO as an afterthought. If you’re looking for someone to dig into the data and game the system as a primary goal, we won’t waste your time or ours.